Noelle Hendrickson is an undergraduate creative writing student at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah. She previously worked as the Editor-in-Chief of UVU's literary journal Touchstones. Before becoming Editor-in-Chief, she served as the journal's Head Poetry Editor, Managing Editor, and Assistant Technical Editor. She has plans to continue writing after graduation.

Noelle's other activities include: leading a weekly writing class for autistic adults in Provo, Utah (which includes planning lessons, holding workshops, and emphasizing student interests), researching lesbian history, and being a member of Rock Canyon Poets. She has also written for and The Organization for Autism Research's blog.

In her writing, she frequently explores lesbian identity, religion, girlhood, and ecoqueerness. Personality-wise, she identifies as either a grown-up version of Junie B. Jones or as a real-life Jo March. Feel free to decide for yourself.